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What's an Escape Room?

Have you ever jumped from sofa to sofa pretending the floor is lava? You’re avoiding lines between the tiles because they shoot invisible lasers? Have you ever wanted to be a movie hero? If yes, then escape room is the game for you!

Escape room is a game where you are the hero of the day. You’re locked in a mysterious room full of riddles and hidden clues. The goal is to escape the room within 60 minutes and have a damn good time while doing so!

Escape room games are suitable for any age groups, for experienced escapers and newcomers. Allow us to take you back to the past or to transport you to imaginary world where the problems of today don’t matter and where you are the hero of the story!

Our escape rooms

Robin Hood & Dracula's Chambers

2 - 6 players

60 min

Robin Hood

Draškovićeva 53, 10000 Zagreb
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2 - 6 Players

60 min


Dracula’s Chambers

Draškovićeva 53, 10000 Zagreb
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“Dracula's Chambers are so much fun :)”

Amazing experience, we visited it with a group of 4 and it was so exciting game full of puzzles in the theme of Dracula, loved it. Totally recommend it if you like to experience something different 🙂
- Ana Zlender, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“You need to play the Robin Hood one!”

Me and my friends played both rooms in one day and had lots of fun! Robin Hood was my favourite because of all that action that takes place inside. Dracula was not bad either. 🙂 All props to our game-master who was also great! 🙂
- Incha P, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Amazing experience!”

We have been to the Robin Hood Escape Room and it was our first escape room experience. It was amazing, definitely a must see! Very interesting, authentic, great challenges and unexpected surprises! I took a birthday voucher and planned a surprise before and after the game and Tihana gave me great ideas! She was very helpful, creative and flexible, and created a memorable experience for us. We are surely coming back to try the Dracula room! We totally recommend it!
- Pamela S.,

“Great room”

We have visited Robin Hood and since we had some much fun we booked also Drakula. Room has great decor and clues are not so easy to find. Hosts we very nice
- Marina S., Zagreb, Croatia

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Draškovićeva 53, 10000 Zagrb